Project Description

Amos Watts

Amos Watts is the Executive Chef/Partner of Corrida in Boulder, Colorado. Watts spent his childhood in Omaha, Nebraska, eating food from his mother and grandmothers, who often utilized fresh ingredients from their home gardens. Since then, he has spent almost two decades honing his craft and culinary style in celebrated kitchens across the country, including Adega, JAX Fish House, Acorn, and Old Major in Denver, Talula in Miami, and Cyrus Restaurant in California. Corrida’s menu is heavily influenced by Spanish cuisine, pulling inspiration from northern Spain’s Basque Country and its rich culinary heritage. Drawing on his passion for gardening and sustainability, Watts utilizes his long-standing relationships with local farmers and purveyors, in addition to using vegetables, edible flowers, and other produce directly from his home garden. In its opening year, 5280 awarded Corrida with a glowing 3.5 star review.